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‘Assist Inventories is built on reputation; clients choose to use us because of our dedication to customer service and they know our reports stand up to scrutiny and fully protect properties, landlords and tenants.’ Charlie Saunders, MD Assist Inventories.

Inventory and Check In

The full report from top to bottom, inside and out - all items, fixtures, fittings and decoration, separate further overview and cleaning schedules. We also meet the tenants to check them in; including taking meter readings, recording keys and testing smoke alarms.

This is our most common service for new tenancies – as recommended by us and the governing bodies it’s good practice and provides more protection for your investment to carry out a fresh inventory and check in report at the outset of every new tenancy rather than simply updating older reports.

Our inventory and check in service includes a full Inventory & Schedule of Condition and a meet and greet with the new tenants at the property on their move in day to complete the check in process. We hand over keys and go through the inventory report with them ensuring they understand it. We will record the meter readings, keys and test and record smoke and CO2 detectors. The completed report is then sent to all parties involved within 24 hours.

You can view an example of our Inventory Report with Check In on our sample reports page.

Inventory and Schedule of Condition

This is the full report of all rooms and items in the property, bar the check in.

Our Inventories with Schedules of Condition contain detailed descriptions of each room and each item in that room from floor coverings to ceilings and a detailed condition description of each item along the way with overview pictures and further pictures to support any marks/damages as is described in the description for that item. Everything is included in the report and separately itemised from the front door to the kitchen sink, all fixtures, fittings, furnishings and decoration. General condition overviews and a cleaning schedule are also included. You can view examples of all of our reports here on our site.

Check Out

On the last day of a tenancy one of our clerks can meet exiting tenants at their property to collect the keys and report on the condition of the property.

After the property has been handed over to us, we work our way through all items describing their condition in comparison to the original report when they moved in, taking a new set of pictures of defects or issues plus overview pictures to compile a Check Out Report. We thoroughly ensure that the property has been cleaned to a professional standard (or at least the same standard as when the tenants took possession), commenting on any damage, marks, cleaning and/or maintenance issues. Meter readings are taken and recorded then keys are recorded and returned to the landlord or agent.

A new report is then compiled which shows the original report with an extra column to describe conditions at check out next to each item, itemising any defects to support any claim that you may have against the tenant’s deposit.

We can manage check outs even if the original inventory and check in was carried out by a different company. You can view a sample of our check out report on our sample reports page.

Interim Inspection

Sometimes known as periodic inspections or mid-term inspections

With your instruction we simply arrange with the tenant to visit the property either accessing through them or, with yours and their permission, using agents or landlords keys.

Interim inspections are commonly carried out every 3 – 6 months (or at other times if there have been complaints, maintenance work or similar) we inspect the property for general maintenance, housekeeping and cleanliness, evidence of smoking, pets, subletting or any other misuse of the tenancy. We then compile a brief report with overview pictures of every room/area and pictures of any issues there may be. You can let us know if there is anything in particular you would like inspecting.

This service is particularly useful for getting on top of nuisance tenants and stamping out problems before they get out of hand.

If you would like to look at our interim inspection reports then visit our sample reports page.

Smoke alarms & CO2 detectors

As standard, all alarms are button tested at every property visit.

The new laws which came into action from October 2015, state that landlords must ensure they have working smoke alarms, and CO2 detectors where applicable, in all of their properties.

However, even following the legislation, smoke alarms and CO2 detectors are not always present, with some missing or simply incomplete which leaves the inventory clerk, tenant, landlord and agency in an unlawful predicament at Check In.

Our clerks always carry replacement batteries, industry approved smoke alarms and CO2 detectors just in case they are required (the clerk will always seek permission before installing.)

Find out more about the details of the regulation.   

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