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Outsourcing Could Help Letting Agents Overcome Tenant Fee Ban

The impending tenant fee ban is expected to come into force in Spring 2019 and…

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Are Landlords Using Social Media to Screen Tenants?

A survey has found that 11% of landlords are using social media to screen tenants. Is this useful?...

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Do Tenants and Landlords Want Longer Tenancies?

Ahead of the Annual Budget on Monday 29th October, the Residential Landlords Association (RLA) has…

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What to Repair Between Tenancies and Seasons

What should you repair and when? Start some DIY before the seasons change....

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Convincing Londoners to Stay Instead of Relocating North

The proportion of Londoners leaving the capital for the Midlands or northern England has tripled…

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Right to Buy Extension: Populate the Property Ladder but Intensify the Housing Crisis?

Could extending Right to Buy solve a shortage of affordable housing in the UK....

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Can Landlords Benefit from the Interest Rate Rise?

Will all landlords be affected by the rise in interest rates? Industry figures react...

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Are ‘Conker’ Pods a Solution for Affordable Living Spaces?

Will this engineer's novel idea take off and offer a new space to work and live. ...

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Landlords Prepare for the New Homes Bill

New Bill would see landlords face prosecution from tenants for unfit properties...

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Tax Law Changes Affecting the Property Industry

Tax law changes have made property investment a less attractive proposition....

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What PropTech does the Property Industry Need?

There's a wide range of PropTech solutions available for property professionals....

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To be, or Knot to be: Is Japanese Knotweed Damaging Property?

The invasive plant might not be as harmful to properties as people feared....

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