Inventory Report and Check In

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The full report from top to bottom, inside and out – all items, fixtures, fittings and decoration, separate further overview and cleaning schedules. We also meet the tenants to check them in; including taking meter readings, recording keys and testing smoke alarms.

This is our most common service for new tenancies – as recommended by us and the governing bodies it’s good practice and provides more protection for your investment to carry out a fresh inventory and check in report at the outset of every new tenancy rather than simply updating older reports.

Our inventory and check in service includes a full Inventory & Schedule of Condition and a meet and greet with the new tenants at the property on their move in day to complete the check in process. We hand over keys and go through the inventory report with them ensuring they understand it. We will record the meter readings, keys and test and record smoke and CO2 detectors. The completed report is then sent to all parties involved within 24 hours.

You can view an example of our Inventory Report with Check In on our sample reports page.

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