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Assist Inventories utilise and heavily invest in state of the art bespoke property inventory software to deliver meticulously detailed property inventory reports with multiple photos that are easy to read, concise, impartial, accurately detailed and absolutely stand up to scrutiny. Our method of producing property inventory reports allows us to capture every detail in the text description accompanied by (sometimes hundreds) of supporting photos shown on the inventory report itself. We know all clients systems work differently so we can utilise the software to bespoke our inventory report services to your needs for a more streamlined admin process; inventory reports can also be viewed online, commented and signed for 24/7.

Headed by management with a wealth of experience in the residential lettings sector ensures we are well placed to offer impartial guidance with any disputes and happy to help with any general property inventory issues. The management as well as ALL of our inventory clerks are regulated and vetted by the AIIC and PRS for your peace of mind. We work as a team and dedicate ourselves to providing the very best service coupled with unrivalled property inventory reports at very competitive prices. We are also the only property inventory company throughout London and Surrey to have over a multiple 5 star rating on Google.

Our property inventory clerks are professional, courteous, polite and well presented. All Assist Inventories clerks are experienced and go through our training program before they compile inventory reports for us.

Property inventory reports differ between some property inventory companies; compare our reports here – tenant’s damages and misuse of your property hurts financially and without a properly compiled property inventory report would render a deposit claim impossible.

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